GLArt Final Project Idea

My entire goal for this class was to be able to make something with code that I can’t already make with Unreal Editor, Virtools, Unity 3D, or some other off the shelf tool.  So all I’m trying to do is make something that generates some kind of algorythmic geometry and color, which is something I certainly can’t do with any of the commercial products.


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While I don’t plan to make anything this beautiful and elaborate, I will be happy (as one with very limited coding background,) to make something that works at all.

I have a little bit of a start:

The polygons and vertex colors are generated randomly.  They scale, rotate and translate in a helix based on a sine function.  There is absolutely no reason for the use of a sine function other than I wanted to be able to use math in Java.  I don’t know Java, so any new function I’m able to implement is a breakthrough of sorts for me.